Students who sign up for this course will learn the basics of being a sports agent from the Founder of Kreation Talent Agency, Kevin Tarca. The course curriculum is based on the framework of the role and responsibilities of a sports agent, including everything that Kevin has learned thus far in his career in the sports industry. He will discuss topics such as how to get your foot in the door, basics of recruiting, various types of contracts, the agency business model and much more.
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  • Notes & Case Studies

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Meet Your Instructor

Founder, Kreation Talent Agency

Kevin Tarca

Kevin is the Founder of Kreation Talent Agency. Kevin studied finance and economics at Quinnipiac University and was a member of the men's basketball team from 2008 - 2012. Kevin started his career in the sports industry working with event management and sports marketing firm Gazelle Group, in Princeton, NJ. He then went on to obtain his masters degree in sports management & marketing (via the Euroleague Basketball Institute) from Ca' Foscari University located in Venice, Italy. Kevin started his journey as an agent getting his FIBA and NBPA agent certifications. He has spent the last decade immersing himself in basketball cultures around the world. He has visited 40 countries (and counting) and built a positive and trustworthy reputation throughout the NBA, G-League and abroad.

Kevin has held the following agent licenses during his career:


  • 1

    Welcome! Course Summary

  • 2

    Agent Education 101

  • 3

    How Do Agents Make Money?

    • How Do Agents Actually Make Money?

    • Where Does The Money Come From?

    • Source of Contract Commission

    • Source of Contract Commissions

  • 4

    Sports Agency Business Model

    • Business Model Explanation Video

    • Content -- Business Model Explanation

    • Difference #1 - Capital

    • Capital

    • Difference #2 - Number of Clients

    • Number of Clients

    • Difference #3 - Strategic Model

    • Strategic Model

  • 5

    Contracts 101

    • What Types of Contracts Are There?

    • The Most Important Piece of Advice!

    • Contracts - Players and Agents

    • Contracts - Players and Clubs

    • Pay Attention to the Fine Print!

    • Pay Attention to the Details!


  • 6

    Agent Certification Process

    • So You Want to Make it Official?

    • Agent Certification Resources

    • To Become a NBPA Certified Agent

    • To Become a FIBA Certified Agent

    • To Become a NCAA Certified Agent

  • 7

    Recruiting 101

    • Recruiting Basics

    • Recruiting Basics

    • Recruiting Categories

    • Recruiting Categories

  • 8


    • So It Doesn't Always Work Perfectly?

    • What Is A Dispute?

    • What Happens During a Dispute?

    • Relationship Paranoia?

    • How Can An Agent Get Fired?

    • What Happens During a Dispute?

    • Arbitration Case Study

    • Arbitral Award - Malik Hairston vs AEK Athens

  • 9

    Position Yourself For Success

    • It's Only A Title

    • It's Just a Title

    • Where Are Your Relationships?

    • 5 Principles For Success

    • Follow These Principles For Success

    • Where To Begin?

  • 10


    • Events You Should Add To The Calendar

    • What is FIBA Europe Cup?

    • 2022 FIBA Europe Cup CHAMPIONSHIP

    • 2023 FIBA Europe Cup Full Game

  • 11

    Closing Message

    • Closing Thoughts & Feedback

    • What's Next?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone who is interested in learning about the sports agent world! In addition to aspiring agents, this content is very beneficial for aspiring pros, coaches and parents.

  • What is the cost?

    The cost is a one time payment of $150 USD.

  • Can I represent a player after I complete this course?

    Officially? No. You need to have your agent license to legally be the agent of a professional athlete. Although you will learn ways to be involved with this process without actually having your agent license. This course does not guarantee that you will become an agent. It is designed to give you all the resources you need if you wish to take that next step.

  • Do I need to go to law school after this?

    No! Of course understanding the legal aspects of representing athletes is important. But building and maintaining genuine relationships with decision makers is more important.

  • How do I get in touch with Kevin?

    Stay tuned for more in depth courses and events coming soon. If you are interested in 1 on 1 coaching or custom consulting packages, send me an email and I can provide prices. Serious inquiries only. [email protected]


Kostas Psimoulis 🇬🇷

Scout and Operations Director @ Eurohoops

As a scout I get to see players from many different countries. But it's difficult to see what happens behind the scenes of agencies and player transactions. This course was a great way to learn the basics of what happens on the agent side of the business.

Ashton Gibbs 🇺🇸

Director of Player Development @ Duquesne University

Great insight for anyone who wants to become an agent. The course gives you in-depth knowledge that anyone involved with basketball can benefit from. Kevin is a star in the making.

Samantha Guastella 🇺🇸

Assistant Women's Coach @ Temple University

As a former professional player overseas and a current college coach, this course is an incredible window into the life of an agent and the world of overseas pro hoops. It’s an awesome tool if you are serious about gaining knowledge and beginning your career. This was designed by someone who started from the ground up and is now showing others the way to succeed!

James Blackburn 🇺🇸

Founder @ Power to Win Sports

Kevin gives a first hand take on the untold truths and what it really means to step into the world of player representation. The course covers the day to day life of an agent and offers an A to Z comprehensive guide on how to start, what to do, and advice along the way. Definitely a must for everyone that is interested in this profession. I wish I had it 8 years ago when I started.

Vujadin Subotic 🇲🇪

Vice President & Agent @ 011 Sports

Definitely useful for someone who wants to get started on the path to becoming an agent. There is access to information so you can see what agent life is really like.

Greg Tarca 🇺🇸

Director of Basketball Operations @ Lehigh University

We have many guys who want to continue playing basketball at the next level after their career at Lehigh. This course gives us valuable insight into that process which we can use to give our players support and guidance along the way.

Kevin Schepmans 🇪🇸

Founder @ El Timeout, International Scout

A definite resource for not only prospective agents or players, but anyone interested in the business side of the sport. Kevin showcases a lot of interesting topics in a concise manner with great depth and care, and delivers sound knowledge on international basketball and its intricate pathways. A must-have course.